Saturday, December 4

Field of Dreams

So I was just watching 'Field of Dreams' and couldn't help but think of how much we can apply to our lives....

All of us have a field of dreams of sorts. Many of ours will look different to the one in the movie [I don't know how many Australians dream of baseball] none the less we have a field. 
But is our field being tended? has it been built? or are we growing something - that is good, but not right for us over the top?

Build it and he will come. 

It was a big step of faith for Ray [Kevin Costner] to build his baseball field. It got me thinking as to what or if there is something in my life that I need to build for something else to happen. Build and he will come, I heard, as Build and He [God] will come.  I know God is here - there are times though when we need to exercise our faith and put action to our thoughts, effectively building something so He can move. 

And like in the movie, where Ray thought it was all for one thing, to see another, and another and another thing happen. When we take our step of faith it can be for something we couldn't have imagined. Couldn't have seen otherwise or possibly just simply weren't ready for. 

Where would the story be if the voice Ray had heard said "Build a baseball field so that you can reconnect with your father" Ray wasn't ready to jump right in. He needed to build the field, which started to build his faith. Then the team started to build. First 8 players, then more - Ray had more people to find to bring to the field - stepping out/branching out from just changing his property he when to another state to bring back a man whom he'd never met. His faith grew more. Each step gave him the confidence to move onto the next. 

Likewise, we can grow our faith, by listening for God's voice and acting on it. 
Following each step. And being patient. The wonders of time lapse and movie magic skim across the 6months at least that Ray waited before anyone came to play on his field. Time in which he could have given up, taken down the field and replanted crops. Instead he stuck to it, waiting, knowing that he was doing the right thing. 
The time was necessary. His faith in his actions needed to sit to get a strong grip. If he hadn't spent that time waiting, and strengthening his resolve when he went to find Terrance Mann he would've folded at the first rebuttal. 

By stepping out in faith, and sticking to his guns, not wavering because of others opinions when the time was right others could see. When the time was right his brother in law could finally see the players, and see the benefit in his "crazy" actions. And when the time was right Ray reconnected with his father. 

Ray's field of dreams was a baseball field with his father. Rewarded for his faithfulness with hundreds coming, paying to look around the farm and watch the game. 

What's your field look like? What stage are you at? 
hearing the voice

be careful to not sit too long when you've heard, trying to figure out the meaning. Think of it like an exam - when you sit too long pondering the answer you miss it - it's simpler then you think and staring you in the face. 

Your field of dreams is ripe for the harvest - open up the door to your potential. 
Build, it will come.