Wednesday, March 30

The Masterpiece

The master artist had created many things; each had its own purpose. Some were to be awed, some were to show power, some to show love, others were to compliment, contrast and highlight another.
Each worked together side by side mutually aiding the other to fulfil its purpose. All reached their purpose simply by being. It was unheard of to think that something would not reach its potential. There were no complications no deceptions, sunrise followed the night, and sunset the day. Seasons came and went, and the master’s creations simply existed.  Just by being, they showed the masters character, love and power, each one another side, another aspect of their creator.

One day the master decided to make something new. Something different to anything else he had made before. This time, as the artist carefully and lovingly moulded, sculpted and perfected his creation he poured himself into it. He made these to reflect near to his entire character. This piece was filled with the master; it showed his love, power, strength, compassion and care. Having been made with love and tears this creation could show the emotions of the master. The tears came for when the master mapped out the plan, the purpose and potential he saw that there would be times that this masterpiece would disconnect.  He knew that separated the masterpiece wouldn’t reach its potential.
Of all emotions the master felt love overwhelming as he sculpted these pieces. Each one unique, part of a series for the master has many traits, too many for just one masterpiece to hold. Unique, individual masterpieces each one is complete and whole. Together they lived in harmony amongst all of the master’s work. In harmony all creation reflected the glory of the master.

As time past, some of the most recent creations moved. The movement caused them to lose sight of the master and they became lost and confused. Not seeing the master they began to doubt his existence. Their doubts spread like wildfire, poisoning the thoughts of others, twisting and distorting their views and purposes.
The master looked on as this happened, his heart breaking; tears fell unstopped upon the ground. These were not his first tears, for this is what he’d seen when he planned the masterpieces.  The master never left his creations, he called to them unrelenting. Neither eating nor sleeping; with loving words he gently worked to draw them back to him. Even as the masterpieces ignored his voice, for they had forgotten its sound, he loved his creations and yearned for them to reconnect to their purpose.

The master had poured so much of himself into the masterpieces that the disconnect left a hole. They could feel that something was missing and searched amongst the creations for something to fit. The masterpieces searched high and low, yet could not find their purpose. For their purpose was connected to the master, disconnection clouded the view to their potential.
Time moved on, but the master never gave up. He knew their purpose and would not rest until they were connected to it once again.  The master was wise and knew that any masterpiece disconnected from its master could never truly reflect as it is meant. Simply put a masterpiece’s purpose is to reflect the character of the master.

The master’s loving words began to break through the barriers of the masterpieces. Unfailing love melted away the fog of confusion and disconnect. It stirred down deep in the beings of the creations; stirred and awakened something forgotten. The barriers the creations had built (creation being one of the characters given to all) slowly then quickly broke away and they could see a new path. They had a choice; to reconnect with their master or continue in their confusion and wondering. Fear of deception made them weary until first one then another made the reconnection. A tidal wave of rejoicing spread amongst the creations; as they reconnect with their master, they rediscovered their purpose!

Their disconnected life had been no life at all, filled with deception and complications. No joy was among the disconnected. But Joy filled the master’s world as simplicity found its home. Deception was de-throned, and truth reigned in its place.
Each masterpiece once again knew its purpose; reflect the master with every fibre of its being.  All that was required was within, the masterpieces finally knew the truth, they were complete, no mistakes and nothing missing. Knowing this truth the masterpieces shone; rejoicing and reflecting their master.

Psalm 139

You are a masterpiece, filled with love. Reconnect with your master artist and see that you are whole, perfect and have all you need to fulfill your purpose and reach your potential. 

Saturday, December 4

Field of Dreams

So I was just watching 'Field of Dreams' and couldn't help but think of how much we can apply to our lives....

All of us have a field of dreams of sorts. Many of ours will look different to the one in the movie [I don't know how many Australians dream of baseball] none the less we have a field. 
But is our field being tended? has it been built? or are we growing something - that is good, but not right for us over the top?

Build it and he will come. 

It was a big step of faith for Ray [Kevin Costner] to build his baseball field. It got me thinking as to what or if there is something in my life that I need to build for something else to happen. Build and he will come, I heard, as Build and He [God] will come.  I know God is here - there are times though when we need to exercise our faith and put action to our thoughts, effectively building something so He can move. 

And like in the movie, where Ray thought it was all for one thing, to see another, and another and another thing happen. When we take our step of faith it can be for something we couldn't have imagined. Couldn't have seen otherwise or possibly just simply weren't ready for. 

Where would the story be if the voice Ray had heard said "Build a baseball field so that you can reconnect with your father" Ray wasn't ready to jump right in. He needed to build the field, which started to build his faith. Then the team started to build. First 8 players, then more - Ray had more people to find to bring to the field - stepping out/branching out from just changing his property he when to another state to bring back a man whom he'd never met. His faith grew more. Each step gave him the confidence to move onto the next. 

Likewise, we can grow our faith, by listening for God's voice and acting on it. 
Following each step. And being patient. The wonders of time lapse and movie magic skim across the 6months at least that Ray waited before anyone came to play on his field. Time in which he could have given up, taken down the field and replanted crops. Instead he stuck to it, waiting, knowing that he was doing the right thing. 
The time was necessary. His faith in his actions needed to sit to get a strong grip. If he hadn't spent that time waiting, and strengthening his resolve when he went to find Terrance Mann he would've folded at the first rebuttal. 

By stepping out in faith, and sticking to his guns, not wavering because of others opinions when the time was right others could see. When the time was right his brother in law could finally see the players, and see the benefit in his "crazy" actions. And when the time was right Ray reconnected with his father. 

Ray's field of dreams was a baseball field with his father. Rewarded for his faithfulness with hundreds coming, paying to look around the farm and watch the game. 

What's your field look like? What stage are you at? 
hearing the voice

be careful to not sit too long when you've heard, trying to figure out the meaning. Think of it like an exam - when you sit too long pondering the answer you miss it - it's simpler then you think and staring you in the face. 

Your field of dreams is ripe for the harvest - open up the door to your potential. 
Build, it will come. 


Saturday, September 25

Life lessons from a butterfly?

I may flit, and I may flutter, "randomly" choosing direction, But I am always on course.
- A butterfly

Well a butterfly didn't actually say it, I wrote it down. Its true though don't you think?
Sometimes we feel as if we're careening out of control. Or that we have no direction because we are unsure of where we're going next. Sometimes we don't feel like we are doing all we are meant to be doing because everything appears so random.
Well what if all these "random directions" are our course?
Maybe we need to occasionally stop and just let things flow.  But how do we do that without losing our momentum? I''m not sure. I think taking a look at the butterfly can help us. A butterfly lives out its potential every day that it wakes up and does what it instinctively knows.

There is the saying to "stop and smell the roses", but that comes with the danger of being so focused on the detail that you miss the big picture. Taking a day to veg out and watch your favourite movies can be really beneficial for recharging. Sitting in front of the TV mindlessly for a month is not.
The butterfly spends its day going about what it was made for. It doesn't worry about whats for dinner or if this is the "right path" it just goes.
Flittering and Fluttering through life, stopping here, passing by there. Yes our lives are have much more complexities then a butterfly but when it comes to priorities I think the butterfly has it sorted.
The work for the day is always completed, time has been taken to stop by and appreciate beauty, and a few fun loop-de-loops have been thrown in the mix for good measure.

Maybe work life balance is about a balanced scale at all. Maybe life is too complex to fit into any of our human measurements. If thats the case then maybe we should stop worrying about trying to get everything balanced and checked, and just enjoy.

Many of you will have heard of the saying "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" before. Most take that as 'do what you enjoy', I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but sometimes doing what you love as a career can suck all the joy and fun out of it. Leaving you empty and no longer loving it.  So what do we do? How about we choose each day to love whatever it is we're doing.
Its worth a try right? What harm could there be in choosing to love today. As we start to love the day, I think we'll find the days more enjoyable, and also find ways to add in little loop-de-loops of fun, and before we know it - we'll be living like butterflies.

Instinctively following our dreams, and blasting into and through our potential.

Tuesday, September 14

Gear every word to your target Goal

So I’ve found this great job I’m applying for and now I am busy writing the best resume and application to ensure an interview.
While reading about how to write this prefect eye catching top 5% resume I came across this simple sentence.
“Gear every word to your target Goal”
So simple, so obvious but it still needs to be said. Why? I guess we always somehow manage to overlook the obvious, and make things more complicated then they actually are or should be.
As I have been a job seeker for the better part of this year I have noticed that resume’s that aren’t targeted get no-where.
Without a target a resume floats through space (in online applications) and maybe will be looked at where-ever it lands. So I’ve been trying to concentrate on what my target is. It’s been surprisingly hard. Try asking yourself: what do I REALLY want? Then go for it.
Yeah, not always a straight-up answer.
The more I think about what I want the more I realise that it always comes down to ins some form or another, being in a counsellor/stylist type role spending time with people and helping them regain their lost confidence, find their confidence if they’ve never known where it’s hiding. Starting with feeling confident in how they are dressed to face the world. There’s more to it, and it all confused me as to what the job is that I should be applying for. I didn’t know quite how to define what it is that I want to do. Until yesterday. I was on and I came across a new category in the search bar, using that I found the ad for a new “Westfield Insider”.
Going through the job description all I could say was YES! This is it. It feels good to know what it is that I want. Because now- now I can step into it. I really believe that once we see what it is that we are here for that we can step into it, claim it, hold it and completely own it.
 This thing that we’re here for is our potential. It feels good to know where your potential lies so that you can swoop in and scoop it up.
Hmm I’ve digressed….
Let’s swing this back – Like in a resume you need to “gear every word to your target goal” In life we should also gear our words. Where are your words currently directed?

In Proverbs 15v4 it says: “Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit”.
When we’re talking for the sake of talking, what are we saying? Is it even worth the breath it takes? Our words can be a gift to those around us. Are your words a tree of life? Do your words build others up or tear them down?

From It's got Potential

The world could be such a better place if we spoke to each other with a little courtesy.
I ask you to take the time to think about what you are saying. Think about how they will be received, and if your words won’t be received well, maybe you can try keeping them in. Instead of giving out hurtful, deceitful words, give words of encouragement. Build up the people around you with words that are like a life giving tree.  
Make your target to promote life and wholeness. Gear every word to that targeted goal.

Now I really must get back to my resume writing.....

Monday, September 6

Spring Makeover

Incase you are wondering where you are, you're not lost. You are at the right place,
I decided to give my blog a spring makeover. I hope you like it.


Heroic Hopes - the hero complex

I don't know about you, but when I'm reading I'll often identify with- imagine myself as - the hero or heroine.
As a kid many dream of being a hero; superheroes, policemen/women, firefighters, soldiers, pilots, doctors, nurses.
Maybe if I study Psychology I'll know why this is, but its like we have this -- almost a built in desire, or need to help. We want to direct others away from danger and toward safety. I guess we all have a little bit of a hero complex.

When I read the "Tomorrow" series, by John Marsden, I wanted to be Ellie. This is in the scenario that war came to Australia like it does in the book. If I were to be anyone in the group I want to be one leading, taking charge and showing the way. If I were shipwrecked on an island I would be the one making teams to search for civilisation and water, prioritising and getting the people organised. At least I hope that would be me.

In situations these heroic hopes have their place and are necessary. But what happens when they [the heroic hopes] are out of place, or go askew?
Professionally {Dr's, nurses, firefighters etc} when the hero syndrome/complex kicks in you see rational people suddenly, secretly making situations which they can then 'find' and be the hero. Its scary, innocent people could be put in harms way.

Personally you can end up taking care of everyone but yourself.
Unbridled hero complexion can be an effort of proof. To you or to others, it can be trying to prove anything, its as individual as each person. The effort to prove will tire you out, perfectionism and stress is heaped upon your life. While your busy taking care of everyone else - who is taking care of you?
You have potential to be and do great things. When that involves leadership be careful to avoid the pitfalls of the hero complex. Desire to be a hero, I don't think is a bad thing. But when that desire consumes all around you, I'd start worrying.
Basically what I'm trying to say, is you don't always have to be the strongest.
For example:

Last week I picked up a bug, Thursday I was dreadfully sick. Thursday is also the day I volunteer as the team leader for the hosts/ushers at my church. Now even though I've woken up feeling terrible, barely have the energy or strength to sit up let alone get out of bed I convince myself that there is no one else who can do what I do. I push myself out of bed, get dressed and head off. Now this morning I had many signals which told me to stay in bed, but I ignored them all. I went ahead and did what do each week, well kind of, I was very slow, very weak and even quieter then usual. As the nausea makes me cry, I sit at the back of the auditorium during the Praise and Worship section with tears flowing down my face. The tears may be falling, but I'm going to stay, because that's my responsibility. Even though numerous friends have told me to go home , I don't listen.
Till finally it gets through. A friend sits beside me, we converse, "why don't you go home. There are a million people here to help. Go home". Finally I go!

And guess what. The sky didn't fall, the meeting didn't fall apart, people weren't lost because I wasn't there. My team took charge, because thats who they are, thats how I've lead them. Others stepped in where they saw the need.
When the hero complex kicks in we are blinded to seeing that there are people around us to help. We are blinded to our own needs.
In our potential we are also able to called, morally required if thats not too strong words, to lift others to their potential. But we can't do that if we are blinded by heroic desires. We become less and less able when we neglect our needs, emotionally, spiritually, physically. Please - don't forget to take care of you, be your own hero.

So to reach your potential, don't forget to keep one eye on your health, one looking out that you don't have blinders sneaking up on you, and one on your goal. [Its the new maths, it all adds up ;)]
You are strong. You do have potential. You are able to fill that potential.

Sunday, August 29


Wow it has been a long time since I've written. I'm sorry. I know that those who read this [Mum and Dad I'm talking to you] miss hearing my thoughts so I will endeavor to be regular from here on out.

This last few months have been... interesting. I've been out of work and on a strict budget. That budget did not include any internet allowance. So as it came harder for me to find inspiration to write about, not having home access to here became a good excuse to slow down. Then time got away from me.
Now things are looking up, I may be without work still but I believe employment is close by. I have also moved house and this time internet access is included in my rent. I've learnt and am still learning much about myself, my faith and my God.
Overtime I may share snippets of these last few "missing" [from the blog] months, but for now my plan is to pick up from here and move forward.

The purpose I first felt for this blog, was to inspire y'all of your potential. To inspire you to reach for it and not give up.
I slipped up when I stopped writing, I wasn't just inspiring you, I was reminding myself of truths that I need to hear. When I got scared of my potential, this began to look too hard. So I put it aside in the 'too hard basket', I have a terrible habit of not picking things up OUT of said basket.
Like when I'm sewing, there is the 'box of death' where half finished garments spend their days wondering if they'll ever be finished.

Just recently I've begun to be reminded that its' not my confidence that I need to reach my potential. Its confidence in my God.
I was talking this afternoon about what I want in life, and I was telling my friend how I think things have been so hard because I've been too afraid to pick up my potential. Too afraid to risk my reputation. Which is annoying because in my mind I don't care what people think - until it comes time for me to speak, or act. I freeze.

My passion, my heart is to help. Specifically to help others realise the strength and power within themselves. The strength that God gives us through Christ in us.
Think of the show "how to look good naked" with Carson Kressley. The heart of that is so aligned with my heart.  When I have looked at the big picture of how this could outwork itself in my life, its been to big for me to grasp. I haven't been able to find the beginning. Or have I? I've toyed with ideas of starting to sell at markets, to sell paintings or little things I've made. But I've held back, something came up, the market wasn't right......
As I spoke with this friend earlier He touched the idea that in selling my art, I'm selling myself. And that is why I'm afraid.
Is that right? Possibly, It definitely struck a chord in me but it needs more thought and prayer to answer.
The more we spoke the more 'confidence' came to mind. Maybe "lack of self confidence" is more correct.  Which ever it was, it is that my confidence is faulty that I am fearful of striking out.

So where should my confidence be?
In my head I know my confidence is in God. Someone forgot to tell my heart that.
My confidence to jump into the unknown should be in the arms of the God who will catch me.
Not in myself, all I have to do is propel myself forward, my confident trust should be in the one who protects me, provides for me and loves me so unconditionally that even if I fail today tomorrow is fresh, new and full of promise.

I'm the one on the left, with the look of worry...
When a child jumps into the arms of her father, she doesn't put her confidence in herself. She puts it in her father to catch her. Maybe sometimes for our earthly fathers we're a little misguided as their grip may slip. But our heavenly father has perfect grip. We won't fall.

The pictures are of me in January - when I went jetty jumping with my little sis, and cousin. And just like I could trust that the water here was deep enough that I'd be safe I can trust that it safe to jump into the deep waters of God's provision, care, love.......
it took awhile but in the end I did jump. 3x.