The Aim of the Game

Right, I'm a couple of weeks into keeping this blog, and I guess, its started to feel a little like its going down a path of its own. Like life sometimes does to us. 

What I'm trying to do on this page, is define what this blog is all about. For your benefit, for my benefit. Because when I know what I'm trying to give you, I'll actually be able to provide, otherwise we could wander aimlessly all over the place......

Ultimately, my goal here is to encourage you to reach your potential. I want this to be a place where you can come and leave feeling better. A place which you will recommend to friends, when you see that they could do with some encouragement. 
This is for you. So  feel free to comment, let me know where I can improve.

My passion, lies within seeing people wakeup to their ability. 
Thats why I love watching makeover shows, the make over episodes of reality shows. Seeing women realise they are beautiful, men realise they are the stud they spent their life wishing they were.....
One day I hope to be effectual face-to-face. But for now, I want to help you wakeup to the beauty of your life. I want to be here alongside you as you realise your purpose, and see that you can do it. 

I pray that as I write, God may speak. That you may peel back the layers of lies around your life that you may see the real you. The you, you dream of being. That you might let others see your true self shine.

Your life has potential. And you are able to reach it.