Wednesday, March 30

The Masterpiece

The master artist had created many things; each had its own purpose. Some were to be awed, some were to show power, some to show love, others were to compliment, contrast and highlight another.
Each worked together side by side mutually aiding the other to fulfil its purpose. All reached their purpose simply by being. It was unheard of to think that something would not reach its potential. There were no complications no deceptions, sunrise followed the night, and sunset the day. Seasons came and went, and the master’s creations simply existed.  Just by being, they showed the masters character, love and power, each one another side, another aspect of their creator.

One day the master decided to make something new. Something different to anything else he had made before. This time, as the artist carefully and lovingly moulded, sculpted and perfected his creation he poured himself into it. He made these to reflect near to his entire character. This piece was filled with the master; it showed his love, power, strength, compassion and care. Having been made with love and tears this creation could show the emotions of the master. The tears came for when the master mapped out the plan, the purpose and potential he saw that there would be times that this masterpiece would disconnect.  He knew that separated the masterpiece wouldn’t reach its potential.
Of all emotions the master felt love overwhelming as he sculpted these pieces. Each one unique, part of a series for the master has many traits, too many for just one masterpiece to hold. Unique, individual masterpieces each one is complete and whole. Together they lived in harmony amongst all of the master’s work. In harmony all creation reflected the glory of the master.

As time past, some of the most recent creations moved. The movement caused them to lose sight of the master and they became lost and confused. Not seeing the master they began to doubt his existence. Their doubts spread like wildfire, poisoning the thoughts of others, twisting and distorting their views and purposes.
The master looked on as this happened, his heart breaking; tears fell unstopped upon the ground. These were not his first tears, for this is what he’d seen when he planned the masterpieces.  The master never left his creations, he called to them unrelenting. Neither eating nor sleeping; with loving words he gently worked to draw them back to him. Even as the masterpieces ignored his voice, for they had forgotten its sound, he loved his creations and yearned for them to reconnect to their purpose.

The master had poured so much of himself into the masterpieces that the disconnect left a hole. They could feel that something was missing and searched amongst the creations for something to fit. The masterpieces searched high and low, yet could not find their purpose. For their purpose was connected to the master, disconnection clouded the view to their potential.
Time moved on, but the master never gave up. He knew their purpose and would not rest until they were connected to it once again.  The master was wise and knew that any masterpiece disconnected from its master could never truly reflect as it is meant. Simply put a masterpiece’s purpose is to reflect the character of the master.

The master’s loving words began to break through the barriers of the masterpieces. Unfailing love melted away the fog of confusion and disconnect. It stirred down deep in the beings of the creations; stirred and awakened something forgotten. The barriers the creations had built (creation being one of the characters given to all) slowly then quickly broke away and they could see a new path. They had a choice; to reconnect with their master or continue in their confusion and wondering. Fear of deception made them weary until first one then another made the reconnection. A tidal wave of rejoicing spread amongst the creations; as they reconnect with their master, they rediscovered their purpose!

Their disconnected life had been no life at all, filled with deception and complications. No joy was among the disconnected. But Joy filled the master’s world as simplicity found its home. Deception was de-throned, and truth reigned in its place.
Each masterpiece once again knew its purpose; reflect the master with every fibre of its being.  All that was required was within, the masterpieces finally knew the truth, they were complete, no mistakes and nothing missing. Knowing this truth the masterpieces shone; rejoicing and reflecting their master.

Psalm 139

You are a masterpiece, filled with love. Reconnect with your master artist and see that you are whole, perfect and have all you need to fulfill your purpose and reach your potential.