Tuesday, September 14

Gear every word to your target Goal

So I’ve found this great job I’m applying for and now I am busy writing the best resume and application to ensure an interview.
While reading about how to write this prefect eye catching top 5% resume I came across this simple sentence.
“Gear every word to your target Goal”
So simple, so obvious but it still needs to be said. Why? I guess we always somehow manage to overlook the obvious, and make things more complicated then they actually are or should be.
As I have been a job seeker for the better part of this year I have noticed that resume’s that aren’t targeted get no-where.
Without a target a resume floats through space (in online applications) and maybe will be looked at where-ever it lands. So I’ve been trying to concentrate on what my target is. It’s been surprisingly hard. Try asking yourself: what do I REALLY want? Then go for it.
Yeah, not always a straight-up answer.
The more I think about what I want the more I realise that it always comes down to ins some form or another, being in a counsellor/stylist type role spending time with people and helping them regain their lost confidence, find their confidence if they’ve never known where it’s hiding. Starting with feeling confident in how they are dressed to face the world. There’s more to it, and it all confused me as to what the job is that I should be applying for. I didn’t know quite how to define what it is that I want to do. Until yesterday. I was on Seek.com and I came across a new category in the search bar, using that I found the ad for a new “Westfield Insider”. http://westfield.com.au/aucentres/westfieldinsider/
Going through the job description all I could say was YES! This is it. It feels good to know what it is that I want. Because now- now I can step into it. I really believe that once we see what it is that we are here for that we can step into it, claim it, hold it and completely own it.
 This thing that we’re here for is our potential. It feels good to know where your potential lies so that you can swoop in and scoop it up.
Hmm I’ve digressed….
Let’s swing this back – Like in a resume you need to “gear every word to your target goal” In life we should also gear our words. Where are your words currently directed?

In Proverbs 15v4 it says: “Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit”.
When we’re talking for the sake of talking, what are we saying? Is it even worth the breath it takes? Our words can be a gift to those around us. Are your words a tree of life? Do your words build others up or tear them down?

From It's got Potential

The world could be such a better place if we spoke to each other with a little courtesy.
I ask you to take the time to think about what you are saying. Think about how they will be received, and if your words won’t be received well, maybe you can try keeping them in. Instead of giving out hurtful, deceitful words, give words of encouragement. Build up the people around you with words that are like a life giving tree.  
Make your target to promote life and wholeness. Gear every word to that targeted goal.

Now I really must get back to my resume writing.....

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