Saturday, September 25

Life lessons from a butterfly?

I may flit, and I may flutter, "randomly" choosing direction, But I am always on course.
- A butterfly

Well a butterfly didn't actually say it, I wrote it down. Its true though don't you think?
Sometimes we feel as if we're careening out of control. Or that we have no direction because we are unsure of where we're going next. Sometimes we don't feel like we are doing all we are meant to be doing because everything appears so random.
Well what if all these "random directions" are our course?
Maybe we need to occasionally stop and just let things flow.  But how do we do that without losing our momentum? I''m not sure. I think taking a look at the butterfly can help us. A butterfly lives out its potential every day that it wakes up and does what it instinctively knows.

There is the saying to "stop and smell the roses", but that comes with the danger of being so focused on the detail that you miss the big picture. Taking a day to veg out and watch your favourite movies can be really beneficial for recharging. Sitting in front of the TV mindlessly for a month is not.
The butterfly spends its day going about what it was made for. It doesn't worry about whats for dinner or if this is the "right path" it just goes.
Flittering and Fluttering through life, stopping here, passing by there. Yes our lives are have much more complexities then a butterfly but when it comes to priorities I think the butterfly has it sorted.
The work for the day is always completed, time has been taken to stop by and appreciate beauty, and a few fun loop-de-loops have been thrown in the mix for good measure.

Maybe work life balance is about a balanced scale at all. Maybe life is too complex to fit into any of our human measurements. If thats the case then maybe we should stop worrying about trying to get everything balanced and checked, and just enjoy.

Many of you will have heard of the saying "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" before. Most take that as 'do what you enjoy', I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but sometimes doing what you love as a career can suck all the joy and fun out of it. Leaving you empty and no longer loving it.  So what do we do? How about we choose each day to love whatever it is we're doing.
Its worth a try right? What harm could there be in choosing to love today. As we start to love the day, I think we'll find the days more enjoyable, and also find ways to add in little loop-de-loops of fun, and before we know it - we'll be living like butterflies.

Instinctively following our dreams, and blasting into and through our potential.

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