Tuesday, March 23

Overwhelming Love

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an overwhelming act of love? And not realised it?

Our parents sacrifice for us on a daily basis – I know I can always steal a chip [or two ;)] off of my Dad’s plate. When I’m in a pinch my Mum will loan me some money – even when it can end up leaving her short. Everyday I am blessed with wonderful loving parents, and I don’t know if I truly let them know just how much I love them, and am Thankful for all they’ve done for me.

I think parent’s have this…. I’m not sure what it is, a switch? That flips on when we become parents? A new emotion?, or is it just a part of parental love? Whatever it is, it makes them fiercely protect their baby. No matter how old their babies get (22, 26, 25, 14) a parent, a father will protect and provide support. Prevent their child from pain and separation.
I’m acutely aware of this after my own Dad’s brush with Cancer.
The first chance I get to speak with him, and His concern is for me, all he asks for in Prayer support – is that his girls have support, people surrounding them in this tough time to hold them up when he can’t. He had his own peace and belief for healing [which he got! AMEN!!!] 
His request for us to take to our churches and pastors was to ask for support for us.
Here he is, lying in hospital with a collapsed lung, told he has cancer that has spread from the kidneys to his lungs and his concerns are for my wellbeing!! Talk about an overwhelming love!
12months on and I still tear up when I think of this moment. How things could have turned out, how better they are now then we could have imagined.
I am blessed to have parents of such a high calibre.  

They aren’t the only ones to love with this all-encompassing love.
In the same way that my Dad’s thoughts were on the wellbeing of his daughters God’s thoughts are on the wellbeing of his Daughters and Sons. When faced with the decision of seeing his children hurting or standing in their place – taking the punishment for them He took it.
It’s not an unfamiliar concept, one person taking a bullet for another.  Name any Hollywood blockbuster, there is always a point where someone  will step in front of a bullet, take the blame for something they didn’t do. Love wins out, not the sexual love [which will inevitably be in the movie too] but a platonic love, agape love. Pure, overwhelming love.

Right now with Easter just a week away a lot of people are thinking about this moment that I’ve allured to. The moment on the cross, I don’t know about you but for me this year [this week] I view it all anew. Like I’ve been awakened to this love, and I’m overwhelmed.
I can’t hold in all this love that is poured on my life. Now I know that not everyone has the same experience with parents as I do, I’m not trying to rub my fortunes in your face. I just want to share.  Please, take another look at this moment of love. Open your heart to it let it help unravel the mysteries of your potential. 

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