Monday, March 29

Running Shoes

God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.

Do you know that moment, when suddenly something you’ve heard a thousand times before makes sense? Sometimes it’s a song and you now get the underlying meaning, other times it’s a catchphrase that jumps out at you and you realise just how profound it really is.
Or maybe you’ve heard a similar theme of sermons across your lifetime and one day it clicks and you realise how deeply it affects your life.
For instance since high school you’ve been hearing all these “just do it” “actions to back up your words” “don’t be afraid just go with God” sermons. 5,6,7 years later you wake up one morning and realise you just need to do it. You realise that its not worth being afraid of what people think of you and your actions. In the end it’s only God’s opinion that matters on whether you did or did not act. So you start that blog you’d been putting off because you ‘couldn’t decide on a theme’…..

I woke up this morning, first with a song stuck in my head – random much? And secondly I decided that I truly would start going for a morning walk/jog. So I got up, had a hot cross bun for breakfast and went to get dressed. At which point it started to rain…..
All the old excuses started to run through my mind.
  • I need proper running shoes.
  • I need proper running clothes.
  • I need someone to run with.
  • How will I carry my keys and phone without any pockets? Etc etc
At all this I had to stop and say. Wow. I’ll never go running if I keep waiting on that one last thing. I can't wait for the 'perfect' weather. And if i keep tweaking this and don't post it soon the morning will be gone and i'll still not have been on that run!

If you get equipped before we know what to do with it we put that equipment on the shelf, to the back of the drawer. Right now you’re probably thinking “but I thought we had to be prepared, you know the scouts motto and all that” Yes be prepared.
But searching out equipment before you know what you need isn’t helpful. 99% of the time that equipment will never be used, eventually get thrown out. All because you weren’t prepared.
Preparation takes action. You actively find out more. You work with what you’ve got. You use what's in your hands [or whats on your feet].
Then as you progress, you’ll realise you’re in it. And you’re equipped. God provides for us what we need as we need it, not a minute earlier. Many times in life we have to step out blindfolded. We aren't given a shopping list of things we'll need. We simply need to trust; in God, trust what we do know and let the rest come to us.

As you go about today, this week, month year; as that thought pops into your mind, and you think “I can do this” don’t waste time worrying about what you don’t have. Look at what you do have. You may have just a ratty old pair of paint splattered sneakers, but they are a start. 
Your potential is endless, limitless. It is not defined nor contained by the material things you have. Your potential starts in your spirit, it grows as you nourish your soul. 

If you feel you’re being called to go somewhere, do something say something don’t focus on what you think is missing. Focus on what you’ve got. Prepare you heart, mind, body and soul. Each step along the way will equip you with what you need.
Our God who is able to do; to do exceedingly abundantly greater then we could ever ask, think, hope or dream of sees the bigger picture, has the perfect perspective.  He will equip you as you need it. He knows your potential [He created you with purpose remember] you can trust that He won’t let you down, won’t leave you hanging, won’t leave you. You'll get what you need.

Just get out there.  Go for a jog ;) See what happens.

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