Saturday, April 10

Confident and Strong.

I love the wind blowing through my hair. Absolutely adore it. When I'm away from traffic I'll wind the windows down, turn up the radio and drive fast [not speeding, just fast] just basking in the pure joy of feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. Having needed to tighten my budget recently I can't just go for a drive anymore.  But I did find a substitute.
Swing-sets. :D

Twisting and turning, spinning around. Swinging so high you think you can fly. Leaning right back so all you see is the sky.
It doesn't just make me happy, doesn't just make me smile. It touches deep down into my soul. It gives me a confidence in the knowledge that I am beautiful.
Feeling my hair whisk around in the wind makes me feel like I am Pocahontas.

Pocahontas would probably be my favourite of all the Disney princess's, a strong and independent women. Standing up for truth and justice for all. She may be a cartoon, but she can still be a role model.
She goes through life confident in who she is. Not conforming to someone else's agenda. Pocahontas stands tall in all her glory. Her society demands she act differently, it wants her to stop being who she is and fit their mould.
That I think may be her strongest attribute. Not bending or swaying to the desires of another. She didn't wish away her days, hoping desperately to be like someone else. She ran through life embracing all the good it offered, reveling in the natural, confidant and strong.

Confidence, its a theme here. A theme for good reason. Far too many people lack confidence, and in lacking confidence we lack strength.
The more confident I feel the better posture I have, my walk is more assured and direct.
The more confident I am in an answer to trivia the stronger I hold my ground.
The more confident I am in my message the stronger my voice holds and carries.
The list goes on and on
Confidence and strength go hand in hand.
So what makes you confident? What is it that makes you feel on top of the world? What is it that when you're in that moment you smile, your eyes close of their own accord, its like your soul lights up in that moment.

I want you to always remember that moment. Always hold on to that memory. This is your point of reference, when the world is pulling you in every direction, you hardly know which way is up. You remember your confidence. Your moment of pure joy and confidence.
With your confidence comes your strength. So no matter whats going on, you are strong. You can hold onto your values. You have the strength.

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