Wednesday, April 28

Great Expectations

We all have them. Good or bad they are there. Expectations for a day, a moment, a year...

Now reality doesn't always meet our expectations. Sometimes it exceeds, sometimes it is far below. When this happens we can't let this moment of disappointment stop us from having an expectant heart! For I think it is terribly dangerous to live without expectation.
Expectation motivates us. Gives is the push to do, to act. It guides our preparation. It is our preparation for the unknown.

This past Sunday was Anzac day and it got me thinking about what the Anzac's would have been expecting as they prepared for the battle at Gallipoli .
On the one hand they could have been expecting the worst; fear, pain, isolation, hunger, death. On the other hand; victory, heroism, greatness.
I imagine that thoughts of all of these ran through their minds, all wrapped up, gripped tightly in the fear of the unknown.
For many young men this was their first taste of war. The unknown of reality was hidden to them. But they weren't there alone, they were led by men who had been there before. Men who knew the realities of warfare. These men were able to instill a degree of expectation into the younger men. Teach them how to prepare, where and when to focus their strengths.

If these young men went in blind, with no expectations they would have been prepared for what they then faced. Their preparations would have lacked the essential components that would strengthen them, protect them in the battle.
Living without expectation would have been the death of them.

In a similar way, we too face death if we live without expectation. Not a physical death, but an emotional, spiritual death.
We battle each day. Some days, months are easier - we don't see any war. Other days we feel it, and we feel it hard. The day ends and we're battered, bruised wondering how we will face the new dawn.

How do we face the new dawn?
1) We remember that it is a NEW dawn.
A fresh day, new expectations [I want to point out that I'm talking about our own expectations for the day, not  the ones we feel from others]
With the new dawn you get a fresh expectation for victory.

Its a new dawn, a new day, a new hope.....

2) We remember that we are NOT alone.
Warrior soldier, you stand to face this day shoulder to shoulder with others. Each hoping and expecting a new victory in the new day. each warrior has walked through life gaining experience to share.
They are all able to help build your expectation for victory, prepare  you for the battle, teach you where and how to focus your strength.

Some days it's hard, nigh impossible to focus on the positive. To have great expectations. But you CAN do it! You ARE strong enough!
Maybe you don't feel strong enough today to face the battle. Take the time instead to encourage the warriors around you. Teach them what you know, because you do have something worthwhile to share. You have past experiences you've learnt from, you can share and teach other warriors of what to expect, how to prepare, where to focus their strength.
I bet as you start to tell your story you'll start to see the strength. The strength that is in and always has been inside you.

You can have great expectations. And see great results.
There is a saying:
Blessed is the man (or woman) who expects nothing. For he (she) will never be disappointed. 
can I add;
and never will he (she) see the fruits of achievement, the potential of the day.

If we don't expect, don't hope, or have vision for great things tomorrow - we will never be prepared to act, we'll never make it happen. We will never see it come.
Without that first expectation [dream, hope, vision] we will not see the great things we are capable of.

No matter the hurts and disappointments of your past there is still hope and vision of good for your future. Give room to again have an expectant heart. Trust God that you will see your dreams come.

Expectation gives room to preparation; preparation for strength to face the challenge of making your dream a reality.

Sunrise over Brisbane ANZAC morning.

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