Friday, April 2

Dance like no ones watching, Sing like no ones listening.

And I will praise you with a new song. My heart will praise you LORD.

This Heart inside me beats because, you loved enough to take my cross, now I'm Alive.

Sing of his love in the morning, and his faithfulness, his faithfulness at night.

Make a Joyful noise unto the LORD for he is worthy to be praised. 

If I don't praise you the rocks will soon cry out. cry out. cry out. 

Sitting in the park, while I ate my lunch today, these lines from songs kept running through my head.
I opened my notebook, and found this verse staring up at me from some past notes....
Isaiah 12v2-6
2Surely God is my salvation; I will trust & not be afraid.
The LORD, the LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation
5 Sing to the LORD for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world
6Sing aloud and sing for joy people of Zion for great is the Holy One of Israel among you. 

Praise, and i think possibly even song itself, is more powerful and significant to our lives then we let ourselves believe. Have a think about how you go about changing your mood, you most likely put on some music, how do you set the mood? lights and music.
Music, Song is all around us.
Its in the warble of the magpie, the rustling of the wind in the trees. I guess that's natures way of praising their maker. They make noise how they can.
Nature, without a voice cries louder then I do!
How come this is happening?  Simple answer? - Fear.
With all my knowledge of God's power, the power in me, the power of prayer. Somehow, I let myself become afraid of the potential waiting to be released. Somehow when I see what I could do, its seems impossible, or stupid to have even thought of.
And why? why be afraid, in essence, of me?? Now that is something silly.
What is that famous quote, goes something like this:
Our greatest fear, is not that we are weak, But that we are capable far beyond our measure. 
One the one hand, I am shocked that what is holding us back, is ourselves. On the other hand, I 100% agree and identify with that.

How can I combat this fear?
I guess, the same way I fight the dark - I turn on the light. 
And at this point in my life, that means putting my words out there. 
Opening up my voice, allowing God's word to speak through me to you. To encourage you. 
And while I'm away from the computer, how do I keep the light on? well, I think I've got to hang on to that confidence I have when I'm singing in the car......
You know, when your cruising down the highway, music pumping, no one can see you no one can hear you, you singing along at the top of your voice, no holding back. In the car you are a rockstar, the best voice, a Grammy winning star. 
We may not all have record selling voices, but our potential is our song. When we do what we were created to do. That is as a sweet, sweet song to our maker's ear. 

This week, be bold, don't hold back. Sing like no ones listening. 

No one else can sing your song, No one else can say what you have to say. Be bold, I know there is boldness inside you. I believe in you. You are valuable, worthy to be heard.

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  1. haha I've been singing along to the music at work... Poor people have been listening :( opps... Not what you're talking about but still the same...