Monday, April 5

If the boot fits.....

I like that we don't need to conform to meet God.
He doesn't want us changing who we are to try and fit some mold. Instead he meets us where we are, and how we are.

I was fortunate enough to get to meet Greg Spears while I was in Texas in winter 09/10.
I find it so encouraging to see God making a way. The article outlines how cowboys have felt out of place in the church. How many times have you heard that before? That the church is irrelevant, old fashioned, out of touch.
" It has been his experience that cowboys just don't feel comfortable in church and many social situations, but do relate to things that are culturally relevant to their experiences."
Being the loving God that he is, there is now a way, a place for the cowboys of Texas and all of America to come together.
People often ask, "why are there so many different churches and denominations?" Theres probably a million answers. We could spend years debating the theology and doctrines, rather I think the best thing to do is not compare the Christian churches, but embrace what they are doing. They are reaching God's people. He knows where you are comfortable. There's a church where you fit. With all these choices you can find one that is relevant to you, fits your life, is in touch with your experiences.

How good does it feel to know that God has taken care of even the seemingly small detail of where you can go to church, all so you can grow. So you can be yourself.  Hiding who you are, conforming to someone else's ideals is uncomfortable, painful even. It's like wearing a pair of shoes 2,3 sizes to small. It hurts! It cuts off the circulation and if worn for too long leaves lasting damage to your feet. Compare that to the sheer bliss of slipping your feet into a pair of shoes that seem to be made specifically for you. The comfort, the walking pleasure....

So go ahead and give yourself some relief, wear well fitting shoes. Be all you can be, be all of who you are.
Embrace your desires, gifts and talents. They make you who you are. Never hide them to "fit in". Let your life shine.

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