Thursday, April 8

Embracing my inner hippie

So during the week we [my flatmate and I] were chatting with our neighbour, as the conversation flows along it comes up: "Esther's a hippie"
"no I'm not".... Just because I wear tie dye and listen to country music.....
After some reflection on my defense; I realised that deep down, I actually do embrace some of the philosophies.

Now this realisation, this epiphany if I may call it that came to me as I was on the swings at the local park. The park where I've been going this week so I can just pause, breathe in nature and for a while pretend I can't hear the cars on the highway. The only thing that could have made the day better was if 1: I actually was far enough away to not hear the traffic and 2: if I could have stayed a little longer, spending the time with like minded people.... in our own little self sufficient community....... :D

If this makes me a hippie, then I guess I am one.
We really should care better for our environment. We should use less chemicals unnecessarily in our homes. We should eat locally grown foods, grown without chemical pesticides. We should use less electricity and water. Home cooking does taste better, because its made with love, something mass production can never bottle. We should take the time to appreciate the simple things in life.

But this is just one side of me. One facet of my complex being. So I shall embrace this side of me as I embrace all my other facets. We all need to embrace our quirkiness. We were made with love purpose and care. It wastes too much energy to fight who we are....

Peace Love and Happiness man  and Hope. Never forget Hope. 


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Embrace that hippie girl!! :D
    N funnily enough when people have tried to describe me in one word it just so happens to be quirky... :D xoxo

  2. :D i was thinking of you and how many times i've called you a hippie while i wrote this one... i guess we're more alike then we think!